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Client:  Marc Carollo, Cleveland Cleanouts LLC.


Cost:  $600

Discount:  $120

  • Due to delay in production time-frame.

Total Owed: $480

  • Due By:  1/26/2019 (as per telephone conversation prior to Christmas).

Work Completed:  New website design, 7 pages, SEO (sitemap, minification, alt/img/meta, etc).  Contact & quote forms, email creation.  Also created content for pages as none was provided.  Created logo (out of scope) for company, probably need to do a new one, which I’ll try to do in my free time for you when I get a chance.

Email Login:

  • User:
  • Pass:  marccarollo19

Included:  Free 1 year hosting from 1/16/2019 until 1/16/2020 (then $40/yr thereafter) & free 30 day maintenance from 1/16/2019-2/16/2019 for any changes, updates, etc desired.

Complimentary Gift:  Purchased a bundle pack of 10 certificates and have applied one to your site for free for the first year.  This shows the lock icon on the page in the browser and is a huge SEO factor amongst many other things.

  • SSL Yearly:  Yearly SSL certificate costs $100/yr through comodo.  Due 2/16/2020.

Client Note:  This website has been completed since prior to Thanksgiving.  I have discounted the website due to a month delay in production that occurred in October when the initiation of the design was created.    Please review your website and provide me with any updates, changes, etc, that you would like to see during your free 30 day maintenance period.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at anytime, thanks – Rick!

Contact Info:  Best method of contact to reach me is (440) 665-9105 via text or voice.  Secondary method is email, third is  In any emergency situation, call me at anytime of the day as I offer a complimentary 24/7 emergency service for all of my maintenance clients (or clients that are hosted on my servers for $50 for those self-created disasters whom are not retained for monthly maintenance).


BINDING NOTICE:  This notice is to simply inform you, the purchaser, that this is a binding agreement.  You and have agreed to set terms, whether these terms be written or verbally agreed upon they are held and considered as binding.  The invoice provided within and any and all communications (text messages, phone conversations, emails, in person meetings, etc) have been documented and serve as evidence to certify that this agreement and this sub-contracted arrangement is indeed binding.  Therefore, this purchase, once made herein is non-refundable.  

LEGAL NOTICE:  Any attempt to produce a refund of this transaction will result in a FELONY criminal charge.  A criminal complaint will be filed against you in the court of law pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 2913.02 for intentional “deception” ie; theft by deception, thereby nullifying any civil proceedings in their entirety.

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