Encore Limousine – Project Details & Deposit Information


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Prospective Client:  Jim Naymick

Project:  EncoreLimoOhio.com

$1,000 Total Project Cost


A quick overview of the business and speaking with the owner of the company identifies that the primal funnel of business derives through word of mouth and Facebook.  This is great for sustaining a business, however, the companies website should be the primal driving factor behind both new clientele and maximizing current profits off of existing clientele.  This can be done by structuring adequate VIP programs, affording would-be clients the opportunity to book and reserve online in real-time and implementing lead building opportunities effectively site wide.

As mentioned on the phone with Mr. Naymick, RevolMarketing, RJHDesigns & National Innovators Group would extend the cross-promotional advantage between our known participating like-minded clients that we have previously served, regularly maintain and continue to conduct business with.  This would provide the newly established website and company an influx in possible new clientele.

A compounded effect would then ensue as a result of the following:  First page listings, features and functionality only found on Encore’s website (lacking or non-existent on local industry competitors) while projecting an online image of a “premium”, “upper echelon service” while still catering to middle-class clients.  This culmination of includes would generate immense potential for any future expansion.  This would be done via growth that could and would allow the company to increase it’s profits via said expansion of it’s fleet and additional employees over a set period of time (this would roughly occur over a 6-12 month time frame).

As of this writing the company website is currently offline and showing a “WIX” lander.  This reflects horribly on the business, even though word of mouth and Facebook is the primal drive behind clientele, it is without a doubt that some business is lost throughout this period of downtime.  In addition, the companies Facebook page has only 9 reviews and 138 likes, this is very small in comparison to some of the surrounding competitors in Northeast Ohio.  The new website would also drive likes, followers and reviews to Facebook to increase the overall projected image of the company, it’s size and reputation in the area.

My overall opinion for this design is simple.  Analyze all nearby competitors in Northeast Ohio, create a design that is elegant, professional & advanced.  Going heavy on graphics and using cutting edge technology (revolution sliders, pop-ups, pop-outs, top-nav’s, mobile actionable buttons, JavaScript & AJAX loaders) to deliver an eye popping and mesmerizing experience immediately upon first visual to the potential client.  The webdesign would also convey what they could come to expect from utilizing the service, Encore Limousine.  I think that this approach goes hand in hand in the industry and goes beyond simply seeing the vehicles or fleet that is provided.  At first glance the website will draw, attract and churn leads and generate additional revenue based on it’s impression alone.

As mentioned on the phone regarding any “insurance” options related to downtime, hacking’s or hijacking’s of domains, we do not restrict or hold our clients domains hostage.  Your domain will always remain in your control.  Your website will also be accessible and a backup will be provided to you of the entirety of your design and it’s contents upon completion.  Moving forward, any backups can be made from within your cPanel (hosting account access) at anytime that you would like.  Our servers are scheduled to take a snapshot (backup) of all accounts regularly, once every other day, an average of 3 times per week.  I estimate creating upwards of 20 pages for this website.  Service breakdown including:  Corporate, Wedding, Charter, Anniversaries, Prom & Homecoming, Birthdays, Game Day, Holiday’s, etc.  Individual options:  Party Bus, Limousine, etc., Contact Us, Get A Quote, Reservations, VIP, Fleet, Apply (application/career center), FAQ (frequently asked questions) and more.  My goal is to build you the most comprehensive, sophisticated and elegant limousine website in Northeast Ohio – if not the entire State.

Corporate Website Project Overview:

  • Unique Website: Modern, custom & advanced design.
  • Trending Functionality: Enhancement of features and functionality for both user and admin end (JavaScript, AJAX, etc).
  • Content Creation:  Content creation necessary to complete full comprehensive website with basic information related to the company and it’s structure by client, Jim Naymick.
  • SEO:  See “SEO Included” below.
  • Keyword Density:  Keyword packed (non-saturated) to improve rankability factors (pertaining to Chauffeur/Limo/Party Bus niche).
  • Reservations:  Online reservations with option of reserve price and real-time payments for reservation.
  • VIP:  Online user functionality with capability to accept payments in real-time, ie; VIP Members, exclusive “Encore Club” discounts for frequent clients, etc., options are entirely up to client as to the structure, name and scope.
  • Lead Building: Online lead building (most commonly known as a “request a quote” feature) would allow individuals to rapidly expedite inquiries into the company seamlessly via an initial popup – which would display once per week via a cookie and a top-bar drop down, as well as embedded lead builders found across all pages.
  • Form Functionality:  Contact forms, inquiries, lead builders will all be sent via email and also stored internally through a database for easy access and tracking.
  • Instant Messaging:  Synced via FB Messenger or standalone (PureChat) scripting.
  • Account Ownership:  cPanel access and administrator logins provided for full access after completion.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Webdesign:  $1,000.00
  • Upfront Deposit: $500.00
    • Remainder due immediately upon completion & 100% satisfaction of overall project as described within this article.  

Project Completion Timeline:

  • Webdesign:  14-21 days
  • Estimated Completion Date: 5/1/2019 – 5/14/2019

SEO Included:

  • SSL Certificate ($99.95/yr, waived for first year)
  • Meta Descriptions
  • XML Sitemap
  • Mobile Rendering
  • Asset Minification (css, js, html, etc.)
  • Google Analytics or Jet Pack
  • Crunchbase Guidance
  • Brief Content Enrichment
  • Page Keyword Density
  • Schema.org
  • Black hat hacking methods


30 Day Maintenance Period:

Client, Jim Naymick, has 30 days from the moment of completion to provide additional updates and desired changes that fall within original scope of work for the corporate/company website.

Website Hosting:

Free website hosting for 1 year from completion date.


BINDING NOTICE:  This notice is to simply inform you, the purchaser, that this is a binding agreement.  You, Revol Marketing, RJHDesigns.net (National Innovators Group LLC. companies) have agreed to set terms, whether these terms be written or verbally agreed upon they are held and considered as binding.  The invoice provided within and any and all communications (text messages, phone conversations, emails, in person meetings, etc) have been documented and serve as evidence to certify that this agreement and this sub-contracted arrangement is indeed binding.  Therefore, this purchase, once made herein is non-refundable.  

LEGAL NOTICE:  Any attempt to produce a refund of this transaction will result in a FELONY criminal charge.  A criminal complaint will be filed against you in the court of law pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 2913.02 for intentional “deception” ie; theft by deception, thereby nullifying any civil proceedings in their entirety.


MAINTENANCE:  Maintenance services after the free 30 day period are billed at $160 p/month in advance.  PIF (paid in full) maintenance accounts are $1,600 p/year (2 months free).  Maintenance consists of page updates, 1 new plugin/add-on per month (or if PIF 12 at any time, $150 per additional), minor changes and alterations, website backups and catastrophic protection against errors, hacks, security vulnerabilities and any and all issues that may arise from your website.

  • As discussed per telephone conversation.  Minimal changes, simple image alterations, page content updates, can be charged on an individual basis.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):  SEO is a consistent and prolonged endeavor.  Scope results are 4-6 months for rankability via content enriched articles, backlinks and blackhat techniques.  See:  Forbes How Long Does SEO Take? for more information.  Also includes consistent SEO upkeep, analyzing and alterations to said niche.  SEO is billed at $300 p/month in advance per site.  PIF (paid in full) SEO accounts are $3,000 p/year (2 months free & free monthly maintenance included on PIF accounts).

Thank you for doing business with RJHDESIGNS.NET, part of National Innovators Group LLC.