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$300 total billed.

Work Performed:

  • Website re-design, ie; professional music submission and hip/hop site.
  • SEO (search engine optimization), ie; keywords, relevancy, meta, alt/img tags, page tags, etc.


  • Free 1 yr. hosting
  • Free 30 days maintenance

Corporate Page Information:

If at anytime you would like to proceed with the additional corporate page an additional $100 (as previously discussed) will be owed upon the completion for that job.

Maintenance and minor changes will continue on the site for free for a 30 day period from March 15th, 2018 until April 15th, 2018.

BINDING NOTICE:  This notice is to simply inform you that this is a binding agreement.  You and RJHDesigns have agreed to set terms, whether these terms be written or verbally agreed upon they are held and considered as binding.  The invoice provided within and any and all communications (text messages, phone conversations, emails, in person meetings) have been documented and serve as a pathway to certify that this agreement and this sub-contracted arrangement is indeed binding.  Therefore, this purchase herein is non-refundable.

Thank you for doing business with RJHDESIGNS, part of National Innovators Group LLC.