ONYX Health Club 24/7 Maintenance (Quarterly: May-Aug)


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Client:  Emil Gamidov aka ONYX Health Club 24/7

Job:  ONYX Health Club 24/7 Website, Server Maintenance Quarterly Installment – $1,500

Service Dates: Quarterly (3 months) Dated:  5/1/2019 – 8/1/2019.

Scope: Corporate, Parma, North Olmsted, Mentor, Society

Quarterly Maintenance Completed:  

  • Changed Home Images (all clubs)
  • Changed Home buttons numerous times (all clubs)
  • Changed featured gradient images (locations – all clubs)
  • Changed third separator images to be specific to each club (all clubs)
  • Updated “Spotlight Video” area to become more stylish (all clubs)
  • Changed “Spotlight Video” video (all clubs)
  • Adjusted Mentor & North Olmsted Menu’s to be typical.
  • Restructured all menus accordingly.
  • Created Group Training tab Mentor
  • Updated design of “Personal Training” section on the home (all clubs)
  • Added Kevin bio
  • Added Tessa bio
  • Added Jenna bio
  • Created Tessa email
  • Created Jenna email
  • Created Allen email
  • Deleted Austin email
  • Removed Joey from getting mentor emails
  • Removed Rick from Parma, changed to Mentor
  • Removed Rick from all emails.
  • Added Joseph email.
  • Pointed Joseph email at NOlm.
  • Created Sophia email.
    • Too many emails created, moved and mitigated to recall all entirely – most are listed above.
  • Created March Madness promo (all clubs)
  • Created March Madness inclusion on questionnaire (all clubs)
  • Created March Madness specific email for members (all clubs)
  • Updated homepage free trials to pertain to March Madness (all clubs)
  • Created NCAA Bracket (externally) for March Madness
  • Created Easter Promo (all clubs)
  • Created Easter Contact forms (all clubs)
    • Removed Easter promo day after easter, replaced with 30 day trial, then changed to 14 day trial.
      • Created vast amounts of verbiage pertaining to all promos, from the changes of the emails, the free passes included within, the promos themselves.
  • Adjusted footer (white spacing) (all clubs)
  • Updated homepage free trials 4 different times between 14 day, march madness, 30 day and back to 14 days again (all clubs)
  • Updated top nav hover 4 times (all clubs)
  • Updated ONYX Society (removed extensive spam)
  • Created honey pot backends for all contact forms to prevent spam
  • Installed captcha on all forms to stop aggressive spam
  • Implemented conditional logic on questionnaire forms for refer a friend options yes/no (all clubs)
  • Implemented new redirect plugin to accommodate additional contact forms as opposed to hardcoding each new reference (all clubs).
  • Updated site logos
  • Updated server’s version twice, made 7 total backups
  • Created ONYX Member Cancellation form
  • Created ONYX O-Zone (for job tracking, etc)
  • Provided 4 months of lead generation reports.
  • Provided 1 quarterly traffic and SEO breakdown report.
  • Updated floating bars on right to be promo oriented
    • Removed floating bars entirely

The Free Shit:

  • North Olmsted Planet Fitness Article
  • 19,000 search engine submission (only approved 92 manuals, disregarded the plethora)
  • Posted a few ad’s on Craigslist
  • Shared ONYX articles free on Social Profiles in which I own 13,000 followers in all:  SB #1, SB #2, LCAR, NR Uncensored, AMBHOR.
  • 2 Months Advertising on the top of SB ($250/mo agreed, waived)
  • Free month extension of maintenance for April, total of true 4 months maintenance period in all to compensate for vacation period in February and others.
  • 2 free meetings at Parma 1- You, 1- Bill (does not include negotiation of wage)

Maintenance Breakdown:

  • Maintain server integrity, upgrades to software, backups, security, etc.
  • Maintain databases and websites structure.
  • Provide support and assistance to any issues that may or may not arise digitally.
  • Create emails, update content and images as needed on websites – images provided by staff.
  • GOAL:  Continue to improve the ONYX experience while maintaining integrity and to prevent the clubs online website(s) to grow stagnant or lack continued innovation.

Standalone Costs:

  • Individual Articles:  $35/per
  • Individual Pages (beyond 3 new pages):  $50-$100/per
  • Individual Press Releases:  $100/per
  • Individual Club Visits (photo’s, videos, meetings, presentations, etc):  $100 per (2 hour max. stay).

Personal Notes: 

New monthly promos and addition of staggered promos take at a minimum of 20 hours to choreograph, design and implement across all clubs.  Each new promo has to have a new created contact form, per website, each contact form has to be changed and amended appropriately, then tied into the various places on the actual promo areas with it’s corresponding contact form number.  From there, the individual images used on one club, need to be uploaded to each individual club along with all styles and implementations.  Then each page needs to have a facebook open graph and feature image implemented, these all pertain to showing up appropriately in search listings, sending or sharing on facebook and messages, etc.  I waived certain monetary things we agreed upon (such as advertising on SB) and extended maintenance a month due to any delays you experienced from me during the course of said period.


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