ONYX Health Club 24/7 Maintenance & SEO (NORTHFIELD – APRIL)


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Client:  Jason Lewandowski aka Northfield ONYX Health Club 24/7

Job:  Northfield ONYX Health Club 24/7 Monthly Maintenance & SEO

Service Dates: 4/1/2019-5/1/2019

Waiver Notes: As discussed, I waived the fee from January – February due to 2 week vacation during that time.  Work did ensue since return (the 9th of Feb) and site was maintained during said time frame.  I also waived the month of March, didn’t have the time to send invoices, so not fair to stack, my loss – your gain.

Maintenance Work Performed:

  • Updated homepage video area design.
  • Updated homepage personal training area design.
  • Updated vast elements pertaining to free trials.
  • March Madness
    • Homepage marketing logo
    • Individual March Madness page
    • March Madness curtailed emails
    • Popup altered to reflect March Madness
  • Easter Promo
    • Various pages, contact forms, emails, passes that entail (closely mirror the scope of March Madness)
  • Spam prevention
    • Added “HoneyPot” hidden fields in contact forms and free trials to reduce spam
    • Added “Captcha” (robot checkbox) on contact form to prevent additional aggressive spam.
  • Refer a Friend (up to 5)
    • Refer a friend added to the end of “Questionnaire” form and will be attached to “Leads” sent via email if user opts to refer anyone.  Free 1 month attributed to individual if client becomes a yearly member*** mentioned on form.
  • Promo side update & add-on change (right side of website).
  • Email assistance
    • Jose:  Helped with setup of Outlook & the retrieval of emails using a “ROUNDCUBE” on webmail.
  • Restructured news, shortened up home pages, increased load efficiency, tucked away certain navigational elements, etc.

SEO Work Performed:  

  • Overall SEO work performed (keyword, trend data, H1 manipulations and keyword injections performed) during said period.
  • SEO content articles were created for the month of April and are published in news.
    • As per discussion with Emil, I’m going to be switching up articles moving forward to be more oriented towards viral, user engagements and also mixed with educational.  If this is something you are comfortable with please let me know.  I have had great success with other companies winging content in a more free nature (while maintaining professionalism).

Out of Scope Costs:

  • More than 1 new page:  $50-$100 per additional page (or attributed to SEO article reduction)
  • Social Networking Management:  $100-$300/month (varies)
  • Additional Individual Articles:  $35/per
  • Individual Press Releases:  $100/per
  • Individual Club Visits (photo’s, videos, meetings, presentations, tutorials/demonstrations, etc):  $100 per (2 hour max. stay).


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