ONYX Health Club 24/7 Maintenance & SEO (NORTHFIELD – DEC.)


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Client:  Jason Lewandowski aka Northfield ONYX Health Club 24/7

Job:  Northfield ONYX Health Club 24/7 Monthly Maintenance & SEO

Service Dates:  12/1/2018 – 1/1/2019

Maintenance Work Performed:

SEO Work Performed:  

Additional Maintenance Performed:

  • Maintained server integrity, upgrades to software, backups, security, etc.
  • Maintained databases and website structure.
  • Provided support and assistance to any issues that may or may not have arised pertaining to the website.
  • Updated content and images as needed on websites – images provided by staff.
  • GOAL:  Continue to improve the ONYX Northfield experience while maintaining integrity and to prevent the clubs online website to grow stagnant or lack continued innovation.

Maintenance Caps:

  • Max of 1 new page and 1 new plugin per month:  (I have waived this for the first month due to Northfield being so far behind).  In the event of quarterly, bi annually or annually contractual pre-paid agreements being setup in the future, all months can be utilized at any course during the contract obligation – ie; 12 month pre-paid maintenance/seo = 12 new plugins/features & 12 new pages which can be utilized at any time throughout a 12 month period).
  • Customary requests, hardcoding, extensive re-work, extensive content creation and excess page generation:  All is on a to be determined basis.  Cost of Northfield’s service is relatively inexpensive, if/when there is ever a time where a request is unique and requires ‘out of the norm’ man hours to construct, you will be notified of such (ie; Request to build or alter a custom plugin with database integration, cron jobs, hard coding, etc).

SEO Breakdown:

  • Assessment of overall trend data and ranking across numerous search engines for terms and keywords.
  • Update site map, keywords, h1-h6 tags, alt/img/meta tags accordingly.
  • Publish 8 content enriched to help aid and assist in the push for keyword saturation which is critical to trigger phrase & keyword enhancement rank.
  • Maintain proper coding, fast loading speeds, validations and other known Google algorithmic equations.
  • Keep your site up to date with any future changes to Google’s algorithm (if and when made public).


  • Ideas and implementations may or may not be presented during the course of said month.  I am extremely pro-active in regards to my monthly clients and with that territory enters my random and spontaneous creativity (of course with your express permission/approval only).

Out of Scope Costs:

  • Social Networking Management:  $100-$300/month (varies)
  • Additional Individual Articles:  $35/per
  • Individual Press Releases:  $100/per
  • Individual Club Visits (photo’s, videos, meetings, presentations, tutorials/demonstrations, etc):  $100 per (2 hour max. stay).


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