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Client:  Emil Gamidov aka ONYX Health Club 24/7

Job:  ONYX Health Club 24/7 SEO

Service Dates:  12/1/2018-1/1/2019

SEO Articles:

  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/core-booty-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/yoga-for-athletes-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/vinyasa-flow-yoga-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/gentle-yoga-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/vin-yin-yoga-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/h-i-i-t-express-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/holy-h-i-i-t-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/kettlebell-power-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/trx-fusion-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/circuit-training-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/circuit-city-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/pump-it-up-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/onyx-camp-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/kangaroo-jumps-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/cycle-with-andy-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/strong-by-zumba-group-class/
  • https://onyxhealthclub.com/muscle-up-group-class/

SEO Breakdown: 

  • Increased loading with more workers (PHP) to reduce CPU load.
  • Re-instated Schema
  • Re-instated Jetpack
  • WooRank Score 75
  • Maintained existing structure and building on layers and levels of pages with quality content to increase indexed links.  KW & String stuffed and densified.

Out of Scope:

  • Several Articles & Pages Over County.

No additional fee attributed for out of scope.


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