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Job:  ONYX Health Club 24/7 Corporate, ONYX Society & 5 Club websites (7 websites total).  The initial quote specified 3 sites total, the ONYX Corporate page and two additional clubs (Mentor & Northfield).  The updated bill reflects the added club websites and the ONYX Society page.

Purchaser:  Emil Gamidov

Cost Breakdown:

  • Corporate Design & 2 Gym Websites = $1,400
  • North Olmsted, Parma & Brunswick Addons = $600
  • ONYX Society Plugins = $329
    • BuddyBoss – $59
    • BuddyBoss Wall – $29
    • BuddyBoss Media – $39
    • BuddyBoss Inbox – $79
    • BuddyPress Member Types – $39
    • BuddyPress User Blog – $49
    • MediaPress – $35

Backup/Login Information:  After payment has been completed all site files, databases and login information will be provided within 24 hours.


BINDING NOTICE:  This notice is to simply inform you, the purchaser, that this is a binding agreement.  You and RJHDesigns.net have agreed to set terms, whether these terms be written or verbally agreed upon they are held and considered as binding.  The invoice provided within and any and all communications (text messages, phone conversations, emails, in person meetings, etc) have been documented and serve as evidence to certify that this agreement and this sub-contracted arrangement is indeed binding.  Therefore, this purchase, once made herein is non-refundable.  

LEGAL NOTICE:  Any attempt to produce a refund of this transaction will result in a FELONY criminal charge.  A criminal complaint will be filed against you in the court of law pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 2913.02 for intentional “deception” ie; theft by deception, thereby nullifying any civil proceedings in their entirety.


MAINTENANCE:  Maintenance services after the free 30 day period are billed at $500 p/month in advance.  PIF (paid in full) maintenance accounts are $5,000 p/year (2 months free).  Maintenance consists of page updates, 1 new plugin/add-ons per month (or if PIF 12 at any time, $150 per additional), minor changes and alterations, website backups and catastrophic protection against errors, hacks, security vulnerabilities, and any and all issues that may arise from your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):  Initial 30 day SEO is always included, however, SEO is a consistent and prolonged endeavor.  Scope results are 4-6 months for rankability via content enriched articles, backlinks and blackhat techniques.  Also includes consistent SEO upkeep, analyzing and alterations to said niche.  SEO is billed at $1,400 p/month in advance for all 7 sites.  PIF (paid in full) SEO accounts are $14,000 p/year (2 months free & free maintenance included on PIF accounts).

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