Overload Fitness Monthly Maintenance & SEO (May)




Client: Kristina Tusai of Overload Fitness

Job:  Monthly Maintenance & SEO

Service Dates:  May 6, 2019 – June 6, 2019

Monthly Maintenance Completed:  

  • Created OCBC Event
    • Linked to OCBC website
  • Created Fathers Day June Promo
  • Removed the “Open House Event”
    • Replaced with imagery for Fathers Day (June Promo)
  • Removed the “Bodybuilding” image of Joshua (as discussed) on homepage and replaced with an image of a woman in the midst of training to appeal to more prospective clients.
  • Added new “Testimonial” from AnneMarie on Facebook to Homepage.
  • Edited Overload Fitness video intro image to show different angle of the workout as opposed to the same image used for the consultation image (which was previously Joshua)
  • Edited “You Work Hard” & “At The Most Advanced Gym” sections on home, reduced the text, evened them out, more aesthetic.

Monthly SEO Completed: 

  • 1 Promo Page Created
  • 7 Content Enriched Articles (as follows):
    • Funny Fitness Meme Vol. 1
    • Free Gym Trial & 4 Free Personal Training Sessions ($150 Offer) in Beachwood, OH
    • Pepper Pike Gym, Personal Training & Joint Pain Relief
    • Personal Training with The World’s Most Scientifically Advanced Machines (Shaker Heights, OH)
    • Best Gym & Personal Training Near Orange, OH
    • Ohio Bodybuilding Championships – IFBB Amateur Event (October 19th, 2019)
    • Overload Fitness Member Gallery – Upload & Share Your Photos
  • Additional SEO related work (keywords, futures, trend data, injections, tweaks, etc.)

Personal Notes: 

  • Analyzed videos on CD (the video in question is NOT located on the specific cd as originally thought) – other videos are, could be of use?
  • Prepped June articles upcoming with titles and ideas.  Please advise as to the subject matter I intend on embarking this month.
  • Possibly introduce backend landers – similar to another client here that I did https://thepoopros.com/allcities – these landers, obviously wouldn’t necessarily be used in as many cities, but we could perhaps do the closest 30-60 cities which will increase lead potential as well through indexing/seo.  I charge $3 per lander (falls outside of scope costs).
  • BONUS:  1 Ren-Ex Article Published that links to O.C.B.C & Overload.

Additional Regular Maintenance:

  • Maintain server integrity, upgrades to software, backups, security, etc.
  • Maintain databases and websites structure.
  • Provide support and assistance to any issues that may or may not arise digitally.
  • Create emails, update content and images as needed on websites – images provided by staff.
  • GOAL:  Continue to improve the Overload Fitness experience while maintaining integrity and to prevent the clubs online website(s) to grow stagnant or lack continued innovation.

Standalone Costs:

  • Individual Articles:  $35/per
  • Individual Pages (beyond 3 new pages):  $50-$100/per
  • Individual Press Releases:  $100/per
  • Individual Products (beyond 2 new products):  $10/per
  • Individual Club Visits (photo’s, videos, meetings, presentations, etc):  $100 per (2 hour max. stay).

No standalone costs were attributed during this billing period.


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