RaysRecon Monthly Maintenance & SEO


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Job: monthly maintenance and search engine optimization.

Purchaser:  Eric Ray

Work Performed:

  • 8 content enriched articles
  • Keyword adjustments
  • News platform stuffed with keywords
  • Updates to lead builder popup (cookie set date expiration)
  • 6 plugin updates
  • Website backup
  • NGINX tweaked for even faster loading (compression level changed from 6 to 3)

Information:  Monthly maintenance fee subsidized within the SEO package.


BINDING NOTICE:  This notice is to simply inform you, the purchaser, that this is a binding agreement.  You and have agreed to set terms, whether these terms be written or verbally agreed upon they are held and considered as binding.  The invoice provided within and any and all communications (text messages, phone conversations, emails, in person meetings, etc) have been documented and serve as evidence to certify that this agreement and this sub-contracted arrangement is indeed binding.  Therefore, this purchase, once made herein is non-refundable.  

LEGAL NOTICE:  Any attempt to produce a refund of this transaction will result in a MISDEMEANOR or FELONY criminal charge (depending on the value of your purchase).  A criminal complaint will be filed against you in the court of law pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 2913.02 for intentional “deception” ie; theft by deception, thereby nulling any civil proceedings in their entirety.


CORPORATE STRIVE PACKAGE:  Corporate “Strive” Package is a culminated and comprehensive package arrangement for clients who have needs in consistent upkeep, marketing and design aspects (new fliers, promotions, etc).  This package is billed on an individual per item basis with fliers and jobs generally costing $50 on average and can be compounded with maintenance and or SEO aspects accordingly (again individually billed).  Please contact directly for more information pertaining to the individual pricing lists for each job desired.

CORPORATE EXPRESS PACKAGE:  Corporate “Express” Package consists of SEO, Maintenance, Marketing, Hosting & Design capabilities on a per month, bi-annual or annual basis.  Scope of which covers, fliers (max 3 per month), marketing (assistance, setup and guidance), advertising (promoting, backlinks, referrals, online), new design creations (graphics in and outside of establishment, on and offline, limited to 5 pieces per month, including videos, – also limited to 1 additional – new website in 365 day period).  $500 p/month, $3,000 bi-annual or $5,500 annual.

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